Light Lists are a useful research tool for tracking lighthouses over time.  Here are a few pages from a very early version entitled, Light-houses, Beacons, and Floating Lights, of the United States, for 1838 prepared by the order of Stephen Pleasonton, Fifth Auditor and Acting Commissioner of the Revenue.  The pages are meant to be side by side.  Note the stray markings on this copy.  They were corrections meant for the next version.



For the complete list in PDF format goto my new research page for digitized volumes.


1 thought on “LIGHT LISTS

  1. David Gamage

    Unlike the newer light lists this and other earlier editions described the height of the light tower above ground level which enabled a mariner to roughly estimate his distance offshore. I note on this pictured list that the Ipswich range lights are listed with towers of the same height thus might not have functioned well as range lights and also at this location the channel frequently moved as a result of storm sea action on the entrance sand bars. And note also the 4 minute time of revolution of Gay Head Light and twin lights at Block Island. — Dave


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