Support Needed for Designating National Lighthouse Day

As you may know there’s a big push afloat to have August 7th designated “National Lighthouse Day.” In 2013, August 7th, the day the lighthouse service was established, was recognized in a congressional bill. But it was just for that year. Now the effort is to have the date recognized in perpetuity.

August 7, 2014, is the 225th anniversary of the first act of Congress that made the administration of lighthouses the responsibility of the new federal government.  It also marks the 75th anniversary of the transfer of lighthouses to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Coast Guard. And it will also be the opening day of the new National Lighthouse Museum Educational Center on Staten Island.

There is now a facebook page devoted to this effort. It provides suggestions on how to contact your congressional representatives to support this designation. You can also show your support by “liking” this page if you have a facebook account.


1 thought on “Support Needed for Designating National Lighthouse Day

  1. David Gamage

    It would seem there should be no Congressional resistance to this, far less Congressional concern than with the 1996 Maine Lights Legislation that created the Maine Lights Program for the transfer of ownership of 36 lighthouse properties. It might also be noted the Coast Guard’s continued recognition of past lightkeepers by the naming of various Coast Guard cutters, the latest being the newest fast response cutter the Coast Guard Cutter Kathleen Moore, the lady keeper of the Black Rock Harbor Light.


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