Digitized Volumes

As part of my research in the National Archives, I have been slowly digitizing records I use repeatedly in my research or are in such bad condition I don’t want to continue using the original. This includes many of the letterbook volumes damaged in the 1921 fire at the Department of Commerce (this is the same fire that destroyed the 1890 census). I will share some of them as downloadable PDFs that can be opened in Acrobat Reader. Others are too large for PDF format so will display in an image gallery. ~ Candace

1881 Instructions to Light Keepers

Light Lists

1838 Light List

1856 Light List


Volume 615 (RG 26 Entry 24: Letters from the First District Inspector & Engineer, July 1884 – June 1885)


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  2. David Gamage

    Note on this list the lighthouses were listed in groups in ascending order of the years established as opposed to listed along the coast from north to south.

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